Cake on Jupiter remix

We’re very happy to be a part of Panic Girl‘s Cake On Jupiter remixes.

When Martha invited us to choose a track to remix, we were immediately drawn to the title track – not just because it’s lovely, but also because “space” was a bit of a theme in our first few singles a couple of decades ago. We sampled children’s stories about space travel back then – and doing this remix for Martha took us back on a nostalgic trip, dusting off our old vinyl to join Bobby and Betty on their Moonshot before meeting Martha for Cake On Jupiter.

Arctic Circle Radio back on the air

Our friend (and tireless supporter of artists and music since forever) Ben has returned to the airwaves with a new Arctic Circle show on Margate Radio and Mixcloud. Featuring a couple of tracks by us and from Robin’s latest solo LP – there’s a ton of lovely stuff to listen to.

The Arrhythmic Drone Machine

Bróna McVittie collaboration

Sandy Beach Bells

Sometimes an early morning idea turns out ok. What do you think?