FM Organic – workshop video

This video takes a look at quasi-generative melodic construction, our idiosyncratic naming protocols, and the aesthetic value of the 0-Coast.


Here are some nice, soothing, slightly random bongles for your ears.


Robin’s customized and circuit-bent Elgam Match 15c drum machine dating from 197x, AKA “Idio”, has featured on probably every ISAN track since 199x, our secret weapon (of sorts).

Idio is included (in various modes) in our sample pack, available from our pals at Intimate Noise :

Pond Skating – ISAN sample pack

After making music for twenty-something years, we can’t really help sounding like us. If you were ever curious to find out how that might feel, you can try “Pond Skating” – our new sample pack created in collaboration with our nice friends at Intimate Noise

Synthspotting feature pt.2

Part two of our Synthspotting feature, in which Antony reveals the key role that pizza plays in our relationship and more besides..

Silent Night, Eeriel Night

Our last video workshop for the year – a new version of an old tune, for you, with love.

Free download here: