TaikaTalk with Antony

There’s been a connection between ISAN and arts partnership TaikaBox for many years, both of friendship and artistic collaboration. Antony recently spoke with them for their TaikaTalk feature at length about his creative practices, his work as a mastering engineer and how we find space for the natural world in ISAN’s imagined environments, among other things..


[Photo courtesy of Sarah Yarmond]

ISAN Remixes

March Mix

We made you a playlist for March. It’s on Spotify and Mixcloud (with and without gaps respectively) and we hope you enjoy it.

Deluge Skating

In Feb 2020 we launched our “Pond Skating” sample pack with our friends at Intimate Noise – a year later we thought it would be interesting to make a piece only using samples from the collection on the Synthstrom Deluge. Not only that – to celebrate the anniversary Intimate Noise are holding a competition and giveaway of ISAN and IN goodies – go go go before the competition closes on 31st March 2021! Full details here.

Winter, Wraiths Skating

We wrote “Winter, Wraiths Skating” for this wonderfully wintry tapestry, crafted and curated by Second Language Music – always a pleasure to be invited to contribute to 2L. Out now that winter has started to really bite.