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Quiet Summer

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet of late – not that much been going on but we should be back with some bits and pieces very soon… hope you’ve been enjoying the Summer/Winter (delete as appropriate).

Radio Interview and Mix on Globoradio

While we were in Rio we did an interview for with DJ Baractho for Globoradio along with Evan Voytas. Here’s the interview (4 minutes in if you don’t speak Portuguese) and an hour-long mix of some of our songs/remixes and Evan’s tunes.

[Update: here’s the mixcloud version]


Berlin Slices

We’re just back from Rio after an amazing week, we’ll post the video as soon as it’s available. Now we’re off to Berlin to do an interview for Slices Magazine at this amazing looking radar station at Teufelsberg :

We’ll post more details when the magazine is out…


Carl Harris is an artist, illustrator and printmaker who has created several of our covers in the past.  He’s a very fine fellow and has just launched his new website, Catboy.  Have a look, it’s excellent.