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The Arrhythmic Drone Machine

Sandy Beach Bells

Sometimes an early morning idea turns out ok. What do you think?

Majestic Ephemeral

New video on the Isan Workshop channel: If there’s one thing we love it’s the poignant sound of machines failing to correctly interpret data.

Strix Aluco animation

Our friends at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong have made a gorgeous animation for ‘Strix Aluco’, taken from Lamenting Machine. Thank you so much to Pang Kwan Chi, Pang Yan Chi and So Wing Yan, and our pal Max Hattler for this wonderful thing.

FM Organic – workshop video

This video takes a look at quasi-generative melodic construction, our idiosyncratic naming protocols, and the aesthetic value of the 0-Coast.


Here are some nice, soothing, slightly random bongles for your ears.