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Glass Bird Movement Album Walkthrough

It’s a lovely big day for us today – Glass Bird Movement is finally released on Morr Music! We’ve always enjoyed the process of making albums, and we’ve always employed a peculiar method of compiling each release … so we were really happy that Das Filter asked us to walk through the album and share a little insight into our inner workings. It’s in both English and German if you click through the link:

Pencil vs Pixel Interview

Just before Christmas, we had a cosy Skype with Cesar Contreras at Pencil vs Pixel. Follow the link to hear (or see below, if you must) us discussing the nature of inspiration and the up- and downsides to remote working.

Big thanks to Cesar for being such a genial host.

ISAN – Pencil vs Pixel from Pencil vs Pixel-Cesar Contreras on Vimeo.