Home Normal – One – Five (地 | 水 | 火 | 風 | 空)

We’re happy and proud to contribute a track to this new compilation on Home Normal. Celebrating their fifth birthday and raising money for a some good causes at the same time with some lovely tunes, what’s not to like?

Cristopher Cichocki – Undervolt & Co. Release

Undervolt & Co. is the first label for experimental video artists – a bold idea to find a new way to get exposure and long-term representation for their artists… they are breaking really exciting new ground.

Our friend Cris Cichocki made the video for Candidate on our Descette EP – and this is featured amongst other works on his Liquid Static release launched in January this year. Check out the trailer below and support if you can – thank you!


Pencil vs Pixel Interview

Just before Christmas, we had a cosy Skype with Cesar Contreras at Pencil vs Pixel. Follow the link to hear (or see below, if you must) us discussing the nature of inspiration and the up- and downsides to remote working.

Big thanks to Cesar for being such a genial host.

ISAN – Pencil vs Pixel from Pencil vs Pixel-Cesar Contreras on Vimeo.


Robin’s New Album – Public Flowers

Robin has always seemed to have much broader vision, imagination and sonic embroidery skills than I could ever muster – so while he’s waiting for me to finish fiddling with whatever we have been working on, he writes and records not one, but now two wonderful solo albums – the first on Static Caravan, and now the truly lovely ‘Public Flowers‘ on Second Language.

It’s magic stuff – detailed and subtle and natural in all measures – shakes and plucks and recordings and taps and plings – all finely sorted and graded and arranged for our listening pleasure… please enjoy!

‘Meet Next Life’ Video by Abduct

Every since and then, we have the fortune to be sent some lovely videos for our music. Roy Datom (Abduct) has made this beautiful video which is *exactly* how we see “Meet Next Life” in our minds… thank you Roy.

“Meet Next Life” (Music by Isan) (Video by Abduct) from Abduct on Vimeo.